Primary Education comes after the Pre-Primary stage and covers ages 11 and 12. Primary teacher training course is a teacher training course for Primary educators. Candidates learn essential skills on how to talk to, teach students, plan lessons, assign homework, grade papers etc.

Primary Teacher Training courses are taught at many different levels. One can earn a certificate, diploma, 

The Diploma in primary Teacher’s Training or Early Childhood Care Education (ECCE) is a holistic package that aims to train the learners
develop the knowledge, attitude and skills necessary for working with children. In this pupil teacher works with knowledge, and is focused on Child Psychology.

The curriculum has been designed keeping in view the special requirements of Child Psychology. It familiarizes the trainees with the latest teaching methodology, resources and best practices in classroom management and assessment to fit in children’s needs and problem solving in the most systematic way. Special care is being exercised to improve the development of child’s brain.

Teaching Methodology:
Teachers train the trainees in such a way that they understand smart ways to handle the children e.g. How to say ‘NO to stealing, lying an develop character traits, socializing, communicating etc.

Course Highlights: Art of Business, Art of Developing Resume, Mock Interview Sessions

Hands-on-Training: Projects, Files, Presentations, Field Trips, Internship, Smart board, Display board & Learning by doing approach.
*Visual Art and Craft Work
*Practice of teaching
*Child Psychology, Child health & Nutrition School Organization
*Basics & Spoken English
*Performing Art
*Co-curricular Activities